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Inspiration Is Just Days Away at the Millie Jeffrey Dinner

The Justice Caucus  2016 Millie Jeffrey Awards Dinner is fast approaching.  On Sunday, June 26th, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) will give the keynote address.  Spirit of Millie Awards will be given to amazing grassroots activists, Dessa Cosma, April DeBoer & Jayne Rowse, and Melissa Mays.

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It seems we could all use some inspiration right about now, after a week filled with painful news.  Inspiration is never, ever in short supply at the Millie Dinner.  Millie Jeffrey was all about inspiring, and fighting, and getting up to keep fighting even when the odds seem impossible.

When you are fighting for clean drinking water, like Melissa Mays, it helps to have someone like Congressman Cummings in your corner.  He was not shy about taking Governor Snyder to task.

See Congressman Cummings in action.

So often, grassroots activism sneaks up on you.  April DeBoer & Jayne Rowse were trying to provide for the future of their children.  Michigan laws that prohibited adoption by same-sex partners made that impossible.  They took the next step and  went to court.  The judge suggested add a challenge to the Michigan prohibition against same-sex marriage, and they did that, too.  They won.  Then they lost. And then they won.  It was that final win, at the U.S. Supreme Court, that forever changed how we define marriage in the United States.

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