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Jocelyn Benson Endorsed for Secretary of State

The Justice Caucus, the progressive caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party, has endorsed the nomination of nationally-renowned election law expert, Jocelyn Benson, as the Michigan Democratic Party’s candidate for Secretary of State in 2010.  “If nominated and elected, Jocelyn Benson will be the most prepared and qualified person ever elected Secretary of State in Michigan,” said Paul Stevenson, Administrative Co-Chair of the Justice Caucus.
This is the earliest endorsement the Justice Caucus has ever made, and for good reason,” Stevenson said.  “Jocelyn Benson is exceptional. A Professor at the Wayne State University Law School, Ms. Benson is a nationally respected expert in the most important part of the Secretary’s of State job:  that is, to protect every citizen’s right to vote, ensure fair elections and strictly enforce Michigan’s campaign finance laws.”


“Though she teaches election law, she has an abundance of real life experience outside the classroom.  Benson created the first nationwide Election Protection program for the Democratic National Committee. She recruited and trained Voter Protection coordinators in 21 states, resulting in the deployment of over 17,000 well trained election law lawyers.”




Stevenson added: “Benson has a deep commitment to every person’s right to vote.  Her work with the Southern Poverty Law Center informs her vision to ensure that our Constitution’s promise of one person - one vote is a continuing reality. As Voting Rights Policy Coordinator of the Harvard Civil Rights Project, she helped to achieve passage of the landmark Help America Vote Act.”




“At a time when some unscrupulous Republicans propose to use foreclosure lists to challenge a person’s right to vote, Jocelyn Benson will vigorously protect innocent victims of our economic downturn from being denied their most basic right as a citizen,” Stevenson said.




“Michigan’s people will also benefit by Benson’s curious mind and work ethic.  She is open to new ideas and constantly seeks better ways for the Secretary of State to serve the public.  Benson is the only candidate who has interviewed nearly every Secretary of State in the country, from both sides of the political spectrum.  She is investigating ways to identify and develop best practices to implement to promote democracy and election reform.”




“Not only is Benson exceptionally qualified for the job, she is an outstanding candidate.  She has enormous understanding of grassroots politics and proven fund raising ability.”  Stevenson said: “She will be an asset to Democratic candidates up and down the ticket and a gift to the people of Michigan."



Stevenson concluded: “Michigan Democratic Party [MDP] Rules give every person who will be 18 years old on or before Election Day in November, 2010 and a member of the party for at least 30 days before the August, 2010 State Convention the right to vote as a delegate on nominations for Secretary of State, Attorney General and Supreme Court. To join the MDP, go to:
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